O.Ton Projekt live at ufaFabrik 2017

DER MONGOLISCHE RITT  (the mongolian ride)

This song resembles the traditional music you can find in Mongolia or Tuwa.

OUVERTÜRE IN A-MOLL  (Overture in A minor)

Ouverture in A minor is a improvised peace of music we played as opener to our concert.

Overtone singing & guitar- Daniel Pircher, Campanula Stefanie John, Didgeridoo – Marc Miethe,
Percussion – Nora Thiele, 
Camera- Reinhard Simon, Vincent Dzikowski & Wolfgang Hilse

Videos from our Live Studio Session


This is the first video of our “Live Studio Session” from “dp.O.Ton Projekt”. It was a spontaneous Jam session we did in between to relax a bit.

GELB (yellow)

A piece of music for overtone singing, guitar and campanula.


“Wang Tang” is one of the first pieces I have ever written for this project. Originally written for classical guitar and overtone singing the music gains a whole new level by adding the didjeribone. Marc Miethe enriches the sound of overtone vocals and guitar masterly with the use of this instrument.


“O.Ton Projekt outtakes” – or what was left
is a little making of Video witch captures the atmosphere in the Studio.

Overtone vocals & guitar – Daniel Pircher, Campanula – Stefanie John, Didgeridoo – Marc Miethe, Camera – Vincent Dzikowski & René Gamsa, Video Editing – Daniel Pircher, Recording & Engineering – Marco Birkner at Studio H2 Berlin

The guitar that I play in the Video GELB was handcrafted by Christian Koehn.
A instrument with a very beautiful sound. Check out his Website for new Instruments:

O.Ton X Session

lyrics: Jabuti & Ivan Ferraro music: Jabuti

“O.Ton X Session” is a series where I’m confronting Artist of various Genres with my overtone singing. You will hear a piece of music in combination with overtone singing and a short interview.
First Series: Brazilian music meets overtone singing

Vocals & Guitar: Jabuti Overtone Singing: Daniel Pircher Amara: Lyrics: Jabuti & Ivan Ferraro Music: Jabuti, Camera: Vincent Dzikowski & Uwe Schwarz Video Editing: Daniel Pircher Recording & Engineering: Daniel Pircher