The meeting of calm, contemplative and archaic rhythms offer a new musical experience.
The sophisticated compositions for overtone singing in combination with classical guitar, combined with the sensitive use of Campanula (a cello-like instrument with sympathetic strings), didgeridoo and persussion are the special features of this program. Daniel Pircher’s “O.Ton Projekt” takes its audience into unknown worlds of sounds.

The overtone singing is a vocal technique originating from Tuva and Mongolia, which allows the singer to sing two notes simultaneously. By modulating the oral cavity, an additional high flute-like tone is produced to the normally sung tone.

O.Ton Projekt

Daniel Pircher: overtone singing / vocals / guitar
Stefanie John: campanula
Marc Miethe: didgerido
Magnus Dauner: percussion

On the track of overtone singing since 2000 and with the heart close to the Portuguese Fado, guitarist Daniel Pircher has found a very own and imaginative way to conjure an entire musical world from the seemingly limited range of the overtone series. Interwoven with the sounds of his classical guitar, he creates a wonderful harmonic variety and joins the archaic roots of overtone singing with the wide horizon, the music can have today.

The music of Daniel Pircher is accompanied by the grooves of Marc Miethe’s well-traveled didgeridoo. With humor, inventiveness and Beatbox sounds outgrowing their origins, Miethe’s play fills the rhythmic space around Pircher’s melodies in an unpredictable and energetic way.

This musical dialogue is rounded off by sensitive string arrangements, which are masterly executed by Stefanie John. With the Campanula (a cello-like instrument with sympathetic strings and named after a bellflower), she conjures up entire soundscapes in which she embeds Pircher’s compositions.

upcoming concert

20:00 Uhr – O.Ton Projekt – ufaFabrik

Daniel Pircher:
Obertongesang / Gesang & klas. Gitarre
Stefanie John:
Campanula (Cello mit Resonanzseiten)
Marc Miethe:

Berlin – 27.04.2023
20:00 Uhr
ufaFabrik – Theatersaal
Viktoriastr. 10-18 / 12105 Berlin / Tempelhof

(the mongolian ride) live at ufaFabrik 2017

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    (the mongolian ride) live at ufaFabrik 2017

    Live Studio Jam
    Videos from our Live Studio Session